Sharing Our Demo Day

Demo Day is the culmination of every Matter program. Matter Seven was no different. On two coasts, all 12 of the teams making up our current cohort pitched their hearts out, told their stories, and shared a collective vision of a more informed, inclusive, and empathetic society.

Fortunately, for anyone who wasn’t there (or for anyone who wants to revisit one of these incredible stories), we recorded everything, and it’s all available on our Vimeo channel. Below, please find every action-packed minute of demo day this year.

Matter Opening

Every Demo Day begins with introductory remarks from Matter’s Managing Director, Corey Ford. Typically, this serves as an update on our progress, news since the last time we got together, and the like.

But this year isn’t like every year. So Corey dove into the substance and importance of our mission, while also taking pride in what our portfolio has collectively achieved. It’s a clear articulation of who we are and what we stand for, and a great prelude to what Matter Seven brings to the table.

The Establishment is a women-run multimedia venture committed to amplifying voices marginalized by the mainstream. (

Grafiti allows you to easily share visualized, trusted data across current events, business, culture and sports in order to have smarter, fact-based conversations. (

Gretta is a social network for podcasts, making it easier to explore a sound-rich world by sharing and discovering audio clips and transcripts. (

Vigilant connects users with information from thousands of public records databases using live search and proactive monitoring, delivered through an easy-to-use search platform and data aggregation API. (

Multimer helps quantify population sentiment in any given space by measuring, monitoring, visualizing, and analyzing biosensor data at large scales for better decisions based on human signals. (

In The Room’s mobile app allows you to see and connect with people nearby through individual or group messaging during events, get togethers, or any place you want to connect. (

Rewire makes secure, end-to-end encrypted email usable by all. (

Civnet enables small, informal groups to effectively communicate across the increasing multitude of channels. (

Dada is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, channeling collaborative art into a marketplace that redefines what it means to be an art collector. (

Nametag is a platform for deeper, more intimate online conversations that are free of harassment. (

Smartfeed makes good media…easy. SmartFeed helps parents find and organize kids’ media by quickly filtering countless movies, shows, apps, games and books, creating lists that are age-appropriate, personality-driven and discoverable. (

Purple allows independent writers to build membership businesses by leveraging the personal, intimate power of text messaging. (

Thanks for watching, and please reach out to us at if you have any questions or want to get involved!

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